Worship Schedule

St. Paul Lutheran Church

Weekly Service and Bible Study Times

Sundays The Divine Service: 9:00 am (Holy Communion celebrated every Sunday and Festival) Bible Class & Sunday School: 10:40 am logo

Communion Statement As a Confessional Lutheran Church, we practice closed communion in conformity with the Holy Scriptures, the church catholic of all times and places, and the historic practice of the Lutheran Church. Our parish is currently in full communion with the Evangelical Lutheran Synod and is awaiting reception into the membership of the ELS at its annual convention in June. If you are visiting us from another ELS parish, or a parish in fellowship with the ELS, we welcome you to commune with us (we would just ask that you notify the pastor of your desire to commune ahead of time). All other visitors please refrain from communing. Our pastor will be happy to speak with you about receiving the Holy Communion in our parish in the future.
Fridays Bible Class: 9:30 am (all year around). Bible Class beings with the Office of Matins (the church’s Morning Prayer)

Wednesdays 7:00 pm Service during the liturgical seasons of Advent and Lent. A potluck dinner is offered before each Service at 6:00 pm.

Special Services: Please consult the parish calendar to see dates and times for special festival Services.
December Worship Schedule
Schedule of Midweek Divine Services for 2017