Parish Services

St. Paul Lutheran Church

The Divine Service

logo9:00 am every Sunday
Midweek Festival Service times may vary. Please see the Parish Calendar

The Divine Service is the Chief Service of the church. It is God’s Service where he feeds us with His Word and Sacrament.

In the Divine Service our Lord brings us to an awareness of our sins against His holy commandments (the Law) and our need for a Savior. Then He proclaims Christ to us and forgives our sins (the Gospel) through absolution and preaching. He also feeds us with His true Body and Blood in the Holy Communion whereby he distributes to us the forgiveness of sins, life and salvation.

In the Divine Service we also respond to God’s Word of forgiveness by singing hymns, praying, and confessing our faith with the words he gives us.

At St. Paul we worship according to the historic liturgy of the Western Church as found in the 1941 Lutheran Hymnal and the Evangelical Lutheran Synod’s Evangelical Lutheran Hymnary.

Holy Absolution

8:25 am every Sunday or at other times by appointment

The Pastor is always available for Private Confession & Absolution (called in the Lutheran Confessions “the third Sacrament”).

Penitent sinners may come to the Pastor individually to confess their sins. They may or may not confess specific sins. Then, speaking as the mouth of Christ, the Pastor declares absolution (the forgiveness of sins). Such forgiveness comes from Jesus. The Pastor is merely the humble instrument that communicates that forgiveness.

Private Absolution is open to all baptized and repentant sinners. Since confession is being made to God all confessions are kept in strictest confidence.

Bible Classes

10:40 am on Sundays
9:30 am on Fridays

Bible Classes consist of an in-depth study of one of the Books of the Bible, one of the confessional writings of the Lutheran Church, or an appropriate Biblical topic. Currently the Sunday morning Bible Class is studying the Book of Revelation and the Friday class is reading a book by Dr. John W. Kleinig entitled “Grace Upon Grace: Spirituality for Today.”

Children’s Sunday School

10:40 am on Sundays; September to June

In Sunday School children spend time learning important Bible stories, the Small Catechism, and hymns.

Youth Catechesis

(September to June)
Wednesday at 3:00 (4:00 during Lent)

Youth Catechesis runs for three years and is geared toward youth preparing for reception of the Holy Communion in the Evangelical Lutheran Church. The classes consist of an in depth study of select Bible Stories, Scripture verses, and Martin Luther’s Small Catechism.

Adult Catechesis

Offered for adults and high school students. Scheduling depends on when individuals can meet. These classes are geared specifically toward Adults preparing for reception of the Lord’s Supper in the Evangelical Lutheran Church. However, all adults and high school students are welcome to attend. Adult Catechesis consists of an in depth study of the Scriptures and Luther’s Small Catechism. Classes usually run anywhere from 20-25 weeks.

Visitations of the Sick and Infirm

Conducted by the Pastor on a regular basis. Visitations include readings from the Psalms and other portions of the Scriptures, prayers, hymns, and Holy Communion.

Altar Guild

Meets at certain announced times The Altar Guild meets at announced times to study the liturgy and ceremony of the Evangelical Lutheran Church and to learn how to take care of the sanctuary and its furnishings (e.g., the altar, pulpit, and lecturn and their paraments; setting up and cleaning up the Holy Communion; taking care of the various linens and vestments; etc.)

St. Paul Lutheran Church

Pastor: Robert A. Lawson, Jr.
Address: 1418 Bear Valley Parkway
Escondido, CA 92027
Phone: (760) 743-4440